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The color balance of an emerald is the most significant characteristic of the stone. Emeralds come in a wide range of colors, and the best quality is a combination of color, tone and hue. The grade of color ranges in scale from poor to exceptional!

how is color in emeralds

The best color emerald is pure green from the color spectrum.


how is tone in natural emeralds

Tone is how dark or light a color appears. It represents the depth of color, ranging from colorless to black. Medium dark green and deep intense are the best one tones. However a dark green tone does not mean it will be of the highest quality, since it may not show brilliance or be crystallinity.


how is hue in emeralds

Hue describes the emerald's basic color, The most valuable and beautiful emeralds exhibit an "intense bluish" hue in addition to their basic green color.