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The clarity of emeralds differs from other gems like rubies, diamonds or sapphires. As Type III gems, emeralds are the only major gemstone expected to have visible inclusions; in fact, any specimen without them is immediately suspect as a synthetic or an imitation.

Clarity is measured using a jeweler's loupe (a small magnifying glass used to view gemstones) under 10-power magnification. Because each emerald forms under its own, unique circumstances, each individual gemstone is comprised of a combination of trace minerals, which lend a precise color as well as unique identifying marks or inclusions.

"Jardin" or "gardens" are natural inclusions you will see in all the emeralds, with the naked eye or with magnification. This allows emeralds to display the mystery and beauty of one of the most desirable gemstone in history. These wonderful gardens are the birthmark of emeralds, and the defining characteristic which make natural emeralds different from synthetic emeralds. There is no two emerald internal gardens that are the same. Every emerald is a unique specimen.

The best clarity for emeralds is VVS or I1, minute inclusions to 10x and fine emeralds which can start with SI1 or I4 clarity scale. See table below for clarity definitions.

Emeralds from Colombia

F N/A Flawless, Do not exist in emeralds
IF i0 Internal Flawless
VVS1 i1 Very, very slightly included - Minor inclusion to 10x (Best clarity for emerald)
VSI i2 Very slightly includes - Noticiable to 10x (Lightly Included)
VS2 i3 Eye Clean (minor inclusions to naked eye)
SI1 i4 Slightly included - Ovious to prominent to 10x
SI2 i5 Ovious inclusions to eye naked
I1 i6 Prominent inlcusion to eye naked
I2 i7 Decease - Prominent (moderate affect durability or apparence)

The higher the clarity, the more brilliance and liveliness that is exubed by the emerald. Clarity is the most significant factor in emerald quality. An emerald with good color, cut, and carat weight needs good clarity to bring life and fire - Without this the stone will appear very opaque to the eye. This poor clarity could represent durability problems, and one must be careful of fissures, or inclusions that reach the surface of the stone, mainly in the table of the Emerald. If the polishing of a stone is poor, the emerald will generally be of poor quality.

What is it Clarity Enhancement?

Clarity enhancement is the use of cedar oil or resin filling, which is acceptable practice used in all emeralds for centuries.

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